Sheet Music

Here are PDFs of the extra music we perform at TubaChristmas Los Angeles. The main music book, Carols for a Merry TubaChristmas, is not included here. You can purchase the book at the event, or you can order it here. You only need to buy the book once; it is used for all TubaChristmas concerts everywhere in the world.

Click on the parts you wish to download under each title. Be sure to bring the printouts with you to the rehearsal and performance; we will have only a limited number of copies on hand at the event.

Mo’oz Tzur

Score (Bass & Treble Clef)


Score (Bass & Treble Clef)

O Ir Kleyne Likhtelekh

Euphonium BC (Parts 1 & 2, Bass Clef)

Euphonium TC (Parts 1 & 2, Treble Clef)

Tuba (Parts 3 & 4, Bass Clef)


Here Comes Santa Claus

Tuba 1 (High Euphonium, Bass Clef)

Tuba 2 (Medium Euphonium, Bass Clef)

Tuba 3 (Low Euphonium/High Tuba, Bass Clef)

Tuba 4 (Medium Tuba, Bass Clef)

Tuba 5 (Low Tuba, Bass Clef)

Tuba 1-3 TC (Parts 1-3, Treble Clef)